Tyre Storage Solutions

A perfect fit for any tyre storage

Optimal storage of tyres is about obtaining the maximum amount of tyre storage in the available space without affecting the quality of the tyre - while ensuring efficient and ergonomic handling, through all the seasons.

Tailor-made solutions - from a small shelving system for the local independent tyre outlet to an automated high-rise rack installation for the international tyre manufacturer. It needs to be adjustable enough to precisely fit whatever height, depth and width available. 

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Vertical Tyre Storage 

- Easy manual handling
- Versatile
- Efficient in small scale installations

Horizontal Tyre Storage 

- Compact storage
- Fast access
- Scalable up to very large installations

Mobile Tyre Storage solutions 

- Increased warehouse capacity
- Easy access
- Lockable

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"Our tyre storage solutions are all about storage efficiency, quality and ergonomics"