Special Solutions

Dexion provides unique storage solutions designed to fulfil special storage demands:

Our products can be used in nearly any industry, so this area only covers some of the more specific storage solutions. Please see the below selected solutions.

Note, to see all our product solutions please visit the products or our services section of this website.

Specialist solutions for; Automotive industryTyre storage and garage workshops as well as special system to make your own bespoke storage systems for Food & Drink, Cold Storage, Building Products, DIY Stores and eCommerce companies.

  • Automotive


    Special solutions for the automotive industry for the storage of components in various shapes and sizes.

  • Building Products & DIY Retailers

    Building Products & DIY Retailers

    The challenges faced by the Building Products & DIY industry often requires them to store a number of various sized, often heavy products whilst also displaying them for sale.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Various requirements for safety, traceability, hygiene, and temperature often result in a demand for custom made storage solutions.

  • Tyre Storage Solutions

    Tyre Storage Solutions

    Get the maximum amount of tyres into your available space without affecting the quality of the tyre – and ensure efficient and ergonomic handling, through all the seasons.

  • Lean Manufacturing

    Lean Manufacturing

    The overall aim is to reduce error rate, improve ergonomics and work flow, maintain optimum productivity levels and in general have a well organised environment for each processing stage.

  • eCommerce


    Simple, streamlined ordering procedures and effective return routines are essential for your business to be successful, combined with a consistent and well-functioning logistics system.

  • Food and Drink Industry

    Food and Drink Industry

    The challenges faced by the Food industry requires them to maximise space, manage different storage temperatures and respond to a high turnover of stock, whilst maintaining hygiene levels and product traceability.

  • Cold Storage

    Cold Storage

    Automated solutions and solutions that ensures high product density will give the best results to your cold store.

  • Garage & Workshop products

    Garage & Workshop products

    Garage and workshop Storage is based on a conglomerate of our total range of storage products with special accessories e.g. racks for tyre storage.

  • Speedframe


    Speedframe square tubing and push in joints is a simple way to build strong, good-looking frameworks.

  • Slotted Angle

    Slotted Angle

    Now almost 70 years old Dexion Slotted angle is the original adjustable storage system, suitable for many applications.

  • Ship Shelves & Cabinets

    Ship Shelves & Cabinets

    Ship Shelving and Cabinets manufactured from high grade pre-galvanized steel. The system is a heavy duty, versatile product available in a wide choice of sizes to enable individual solutions to be tailored to client requirements.

  • Third Party Logistics Storage

    Third Party Logistics Storage

    The challenges faced by 3PL companies requires optimum storage solutions that guarantee speed, flexibility and safety of the products stored.

  • Pallet Racking for Seismic Zones

    Seismic Zones

    Pallet racking installed in areas that are known to be at risk of seismic activity needs to be designed, engineered and constructed specifically to resist seismic forces.